Why Folk Music Is Popular

Folk music first appeared as distinct genre around the 60’s. It was a genre that presented folklore and appealed to legends for the main theme. Later, it developed into a genre that described many other themes and feelings and became very popular especially during the hippie era. After that, it had a decline in front of the new genres like pop and electro music, but it remained in the hearts of many. Nowadays, we see a strong comeback from this genre that is so loved all around the globe. But what made this music style so strong that it passed the test of time so well?

Folk music is appreciated by many because it is considered unaltered music. Many people feel that the latest music trends tend to focus more on electronic alterations of voice that couldn’t be reproduced live. Many feel that the person that should be praised the most for the success of a modern song is the DJ and not the singer. Folk music remained unchanged from this point of view. The only thing an artist needs is a music instrument and the talent. This is why many people feel that folk is a much more genuine music genre that truly focuses on the talent and hard work of the artists. This also allows aspiring folk artists to have a much easier debut a success without giving away thousands of dollars to a professional music studio. Many of the modern day folk bands launched without the support of a record label.

The themes found in the folk songs remind us of easier, simpler times. After the war in Iraq and Afghanistan many people needed to go back to their roots and to listen to a genre that promoted peace and love instead of the modern genre. Many may think that folk is for the middle-aged people but that is not true. Many young adults choose to listen to folk in order to relax and to charge themselves with positive vibes. And this is exactly what folk has to offer. It is a friendly and peaceful music genre that gives us a break from everyday madness.

Folk has a lower tempo than the modern music. This makes this genre even more relaxing and listening to it is a true break. Modern music can be quite tiring sometimes and there are moments when we just want to listen to some beautiful lyrics.

Folk also focuses on the talent and balance of music instruments. While many modern songs don’t even use a real instrument and prefer to use computer programs for that, folk uses genuine artists that can leave their print on the song. Folk also sounds much better live. If you are going to a concert, you are guaranteed to hear the same thing as in a recording. Many folk artists focus more on the quality of the music they deliver rather than the overall show and light effects. Overall, it is considered a genuine music genre.