Where to See Folk Music in Europe

Folk music has been one of the most effective ways of preserving European traditions. Listening to the music is fun and educative, but watching a live performance is an overwhelmingly fantastic experience. If you are a folk music lover, consider going someplace where you can see leading stars perform these songs and you’ll undoubtedly want to do it again. It’s in such venues in Europe where you’ll not only meet the locals but also get a glimpse of the European culture. You’ll even get to know more about various folk music artists. Here are some of the best places where you can see folk music in Europe:

1. Le Quecum Bar and The Bhavan Centre in London

London can boast of having two renowned hotspots you can delight in live music performances, they include Le QuecumBar and The Bhavan Centre. Starting with Le QuecumBar, it’s a music venue as well as a brasserie. Here, you will have an opportunity to enjoy live folk music by various top-notch visiting musicians as well as Gypsy Swing artists. On the other hand, The Bhavan Centre, an education center hosted at a converted church, attracts vast audiences mostly comprised of people who watch Indian folk song performances.

2. The Cobblestone in Ireland

Sitting at the top of Smithfield area which was developed again in the recent past, The Cobblestone is a friendly pub with a foundation of family traditions which comprises the respect for music as well as culture. Ireland’s most talented folk song artists, such as violinist Mick O’Grady, frequent this venue.

3. Vaughan’s in Ireland

The Vaughan is a traditional pub located at Kilfenora, Ireland and also serves as a wedding venue. It’s one of the few places that you can watch live Irish traditional dances and music sessions in Ireland. Traditional Irish dancers perform on Thursday and Saturday nights. The Four Courts Ceilí Band performs various set dances every Sunday at The Barn, a component of Vaughan’s pub.

4. Le Divan du Monde in Paris, France

Le Divan du Monde, previously called Le Divan Japonais, is a theatre of a kind in Paris, France. It provides a wide range of program for concerts of pure French music and late night clubbing starting weekly from Wednesday to Saturday. The Le Divan du Monde is a stylish and contemporary venue graced by global artists.

5. Mesa de Frades in Lisbon, Portugal

Mesa de Frades is a small fado venue which is operated by Pedro Castro, a first-rate Portuguese guitarist and sits a mere 50 people.  Mesa de Frades was formerly a chapel but nowadays serves as a venue for various great song performances, including folk songs.

These are some of Europe’s best venues to revel in the folk music. While there are, of course, many more places you can hear your favorite folk bands play as well as enjoy the dancing and fun that comes along with it, these were our top choices. Count on any of them during your next getaway, and you won’t regret it.