What Is Grass Root Music?

Grass root music is the music of the ordinary people. The music every common man can relate to and understand. It is also known as the peasant’s music, and it started right from the inception of humanity. Every country has their grass root music, and this is the original music of the people, not the one inherited from colonial masters.

Grass root music

Grass root music has been around for a long time, and this is where another genre of music develops from, all the types of music we know today started off from the roots and can be traced back to a particular group of people. The music people brought with them when migrating to the new country (United States) is considered the start of grass music. It was called folk music first. This tune also started what we call country music.

As folks settled in different parts of the country, they brought their music they had learned and played. Then they expanded their music to sing and dance their own experiences. So the growth of music was on its way. The musical instruments were simple instruments, like guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin and upright bass sometimes. Sometimes grass root music is made without any instrument. Songs are composed and sang with melodious tunes that do not require any form of the instrument. But one of the primary instruments in the American grass root music is the guitar. The guitar is commonly used as a solo music instrument or together with other instruments to make good music.

The history of the guitar goes back to Biblical times. The first ones had four strings. Later two more were added. The fiddle goes back to ancient Rome. It’s has been around for a while. The banjo is traced back to the Far East, Middle East, and Africa. The mandolin came from Europe. These are the instruments used to play bluegrass along with what is called the dobro.

Which is a guitar player using a steel bar on the strings instead of your fingers?

Some of the more modern pioneers of grass root music in america are Bill Monroe, Earl Scruggs, and Lester Flatt, just to name a few. The players that worked with Bill Monroe left one by one as the years went by, and started their groups. This is why grass root music spread throughout the country. Also, this is why Bill Monroe is the father of Blue Grass Music.

Grass root music is intense in America. Lots of prominent artists recognize their roots and try to identify with them as much as possible. There are lots of bands that play the original bluegrass music in the country today. There are festivals throughout the country every year that draws thousands of people. There is one in Grapeland Texas call salmon lake park, held on Labor Day weekend. It goes from Friday until Monday night. Popular grass  root bands are brought in from all over the country. So when next there is a concert near you, be sure to go over and check it out.