The Greatest Ever Blues Singers

Singing blues music is not something that any old singer can do. The great blues singers that came out of America paved the way for a host of talented artists the world over to demonstrate their skill and finesse in this passionate music genre. Blues is normally associated with the hard times in life, but this is always not so. Many blues songs are a celebration of life and the words describe some of the most joyous things there are. Over the years there have been some legendary blues singers and here are some of them.

Howlin’ Wolf

Howlin’ Wolf is an extraordinary character by any stretch of the imagination. His growling voice was almost feral, and nobody could sing quite like him. Howlin’ Wolf played loud, he shook the audience into standing up and taking notice. Nobody stood still when the Wolf was performing. Many great modern bands such as Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones have cited Chester Burnett as a major influence on their music. Classic tracks are Killing Floor and Smokestack Lightning.  

Bobby Bland

Bobby Bland was so popular that he had several endearing nicknames. The Sinatra of Blues, The Lion of the Blues, and Bobby Blue Bland. Bobby Bland hailed from Memphis where so many legendary blues artists learned their trade. He regularly played alongside such greats as Junior Parker and BB King such was his reputation as one of the greatest blues singers of all time. One of his most famous songs was covered by the Grateful Dead, Turn on Your Lovelight. And one of his more copied songs has to be Ain’t No Love in the City.

Gregg Allman

The name Gregg Allman might surprise a few die-hard blues fans, but it cannot be argued that he was a truly great singer who often had blues orientated influences in his music. His husky voice was almost a whiskey-croak, but it drove the Allman Brothern Band into fame and recognition. The discography of the band shows just how much they were influenced by blues, Whipping Post, Stateboro Blues, and Trouble No More.

Little Milton

Little Milton
Little Milton

One of the true greats ever in the field of blues has to be Little Milton. His sheer amount of work is difficult to comprehend, and he was a prolific writer as well as an accomplished singer. His name hardly described his voice at all as it was one of the great heavyweight blues voices of all time. He recorded on both Chess and Stax labels and left behind a long list of classic hits that included, Behind Closed Doors, Grits Ain’t Groceries, and That’s What Love Will Make You Do.

Eric Bibb

Unusually Eric Bibb came into the blues arena from the folk world of music. He played with the big famous names of folk, Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, and Bob Dylan. But it is the blues genre that perhaps he did his best work. His voice was perfect for the blues as it evoked all the joys and sorrows of life that only a true blues singer can. All these artists are true giants of the blues and their legacy still lives on today as their music influences so many new artists.