Small Unusual Festivals in Europe -part 2

In our first part where we covered lesser known festivals in Europe, we looked into some festivals on the beautiful beach and in some unique places with various genres of music. To continue, we are going to present you with pretty cheap options for festivals during the summer, even cheaper than the previous ones! 

Cappadox in Turkey

The festival is located in the beautiful landscapes of Cappadocia. It is run in a natural setting and addresses the nature’s real beauty. The place was not randomly select, the organizers chose to do it there because of the exciting rock formations. It definitely brought the attention they searched for. Even though it is a music festival, a lot of different activities are run during the five days of action. It involves food and art, what else there needs to be, right? The selection of jazz music in the festival showcases the event’s interest in live music.

Kolorado in Hungary

If you are not interested in huge festival that happens annually in Budapest and attracts thousands of people, head to Kolorado festival to experience something more unique and yet far less popular. Kolorado festival is yet another event that is inviting music and nature lovers to enjoy themselves. There are green lively forests around the festival and people are more than welcome to visit them while being a part of the festival. The headliners of Kolorado are R&B music genre’s star Chino Amobi, DJ Lena Willikens who is an incredible talent when it comes to performing with DJ set, band UMFANG and many more. The styles of music are mixed and made into something yet unheard with a touch of techno. The prices start from £30 for a weekend ticket. If you are looking for a music adventure in the forest, book a ticket now!

Pete the Monkey in France

The festival is not just another music festival, it is organized with an idea of helping the environment and raising money for monkey reserve in Bolivia. Some percentage of money earned from tickets goes to the charity for helping the reserve and some of it goes to organize such an event. Also, no matter the time, people can make donations during the festival and online. Every year the festival offers variety of music and it includes disco, indie pop, electronic and you can even catch on folk music elements during the performances. While the festival is family friendly, you can expect a lot of shows with costumes and joyful dancing.

Pete the Monkey in France
Pete the Monkey in France

Pohoda in Slovakia

Even though it is a bit bigger festival than the previous ones, Pohoda is still not very known to the people in Europe. Ticket price is under €99 and it holds the biggest music and arts event in the country. The music varies from reggae to hip-hop rappers’ performances on stage. Despite the festival covering big ground, it is not chaotic and is friendly to people of all ages. The stages and sites of the festival are well-planned and constructed on beautiful plains of Slovakia. Visitors can enjoy more than music, there are literature readings, theatre and visual art performances.