Small Unusual Festivals in Europe – part 1

Festivals do not have to be always huge events with many known popular artists, and they do not have to be commercial and known for the public.

For many world-famous music festivals such as Coachella or Tomorrowland the ticket prices are reaching hundreds of dollars and attract thousands of people coming from around the globe, however, there are some great festivals beyond those norms. Let’s take a look into small lesser known festivals in Europe.

Masked Ball in Cornwall

In the last few years in the UK, more and more unique festivals are being run to join the festival season starting in May. Masked Ball festival in Cornwall received attention from people who seek to have a different music experience and enjoy non-stop partying. It is usually organized over the weekend to create three days of experience. It was not always like this; the festival did not have a license to make the festival run during the whole night and alcohol license was a tough one to get. However, the planners managed to sort everything out and it became an amazing festival but with less attention from the public. It includes music artists from various genres, but the most important key is disco music artists. If you decide to book a ticket, you would not be disappointed with secret dancefloors and artistic venues, and it is all under £100! 

Kala in Albania

In the part of Europe where Albania is located, it is a no-brainer that people are crazy about their local music and festivals in general. The festival runs in the middle of June and it is one of the most promising! It is a bit different than others due to its seven days of action. Also, the intimate location under the stars with beautiful nature is what attracts most of the festival goers. Even though it is in a distinctive location and is not well advertised, people from around the world travel to Albania to experience greatness. Dancing all day on the beach, jumping into the sea anytime you want and enjoying the weather, who would not want that?! The music artists vary from reggae to modern deep house with new DJ sets and light shows. It is all about the beats on the beach.

Terraforma in Italy

The festival in Italy offers a unique experience in a beautiful Villa Arconati and every year for the past five years it offers an exclusive set of music artists. Villa Arconati is a place with spectacular gardens and it is just outside Milan, a city famous for its fashion. The festival is not just about music, but it provides the guests with a chance to see modern art and enjoy surreal sculptures. When people step out for a dance it is not just a simple dancefloor, it is specially designed for the festival and is taken care of by producer and DJ’s Nkisi performance. The organizers say that their goal is to maintain the festival going on for multiple years in the future and make people dance and think at the same time. Under €90 you can get a three-day ticket with camping provided.

Villa Arconati
Villa Arconati