Modern Day Folk Bands

Folk is a music style that had its debut sometimes around the 60’s. It was a very representative style for the relaxed atmosphere during those years. After that, folk has seen a decline in front of the new music styles like pop and hip hop but remained in the hearts of many. Nowadays, we see a great ascension of this music style that reminds us of the better, simpler days. Many believe that only middle-aged people listen to it, but the reality is different. Many young people started listening to folk because of the relaxing feeling and the pure beauty of the lyrics. We have listed some of the best modern day folk bands in order to better discover this music genre.

Zach Condon

Beirut is one of the most famous modern folk bands. The band was originally a solo project of Zach Condon, but it soon transformed into an international sensation. The folk is combined with elements of rock and this makes the style of the band truly unique. They have many amazing songs that are simply beautiful, and the soft voice of the singer makes them unforgettable. Of Monsters And Men is another fresh and young folk band that likes to take elements from other music styles as well. They have beautiful and melodic songs that remind us of the classical folk songs from the 70’s. The songs have very fun and creative lyrics and the live performance of the band is amazing.

Mumford & Sons is a famous folk-rock band from the UK. It was founded in 2007 and ever since they had an amazing increase in popularity. Many believe that they revived the folk scene of the UK and not only. They have a distinct style and the beautiful voices of the artists make every song special. They have many live performances and they are definitely worth watching.

Bowerbirds is one of the most popular folk bands in the US. It was founded in North Carolina and the music style of this band is admired by many fans and critics. Some describe their style as being eternally beautiful and after listening to one of their songs you will understand why. The combination of the soft voice of the male singer with the two voices of her male colleagues sounds truly amazing.

The Decemberists is another popular band from the US. This folk-rock band has many creative elements from other music genres and their music style can only be described as innovative. The band was founded in 2000 in Portland, Oregon. They have amazing live performances and their music style is reminds of the classic folk style from the late 60’s. Grizzly Bear is a band from Brooklyn, New York that likes to combine every music instrument and music style possible. They have as a base genre folk but introduce many other elements. One of the distinct elements of this band is the beautiful chorus and the marvelous mixture of instruments. Modern day folk music is everywhere now!