Great European Folk Bands

Europe boasts an array of folk bands, however, only a few have gained international recognition. They have become more and more popular over the last few years and now they are bands that are not to be missed.  Below is a compilation of the most prominent groups that fans would kill to see.

1. The Tame and the Wild

The Tame and the Wild band comprises of Seja and Flepp, a singer and a songwriter, respectively. The group held its very first show in 2015, and they entertained the crown in the then famous Indie Week Manchester. A year later, the band resolved to focus on recording and writing of songs instead of live performances. The band’s songs feature different themes including honesty, love, boldness, resilience, stars and sea.

2. Kalandra

Led by three artists of Norwegian heritage, Kalandra is a popular band with a unique passion for music, especially folk songs. The band members work hand in hand to tweak Katrine Stenbekk’s songs to beautiful wanderlust and fairytale patterns. Their performance of a blend of Nordic and Celtic folklore is splendid and gives fans memories that last a lifetime. The band has toured United Kingdom, Italy, Germany as well as Denmark, among other parts of the globe where they have left indelible marks in the hearts of their audience courtesy of their performances.

3. Sara and Kenny

The band’s duo, Sara, and Kenny, form a perfect blend of jazz and classical guitar skills. Their journey as a band began in 2015 after meeting in Milwaukee earlier on. The duo produces their intimate sound from their diverse musical styles.  “Spirit of Gold”, the band’s debut album, is marked with rich vocals that leave listeners smitten. All their songs are melodic, elegant and sophisticated but simple.

4. Daniel Marques

Possessing a high level of virtuosity, Daniel Marques is a prominent producer and top-notch orchestra conductor. The band has been performing for the Swedish Royall Family from 2008 during the commemorations of Princess Viktoria´s Birthday.

5. Alice Hills

With her musical career drawing its roots from experience she got while in the streets, squares and subway stations of Berlins, Alice Hills has been her musical journey at the tender of 17 years. The music performance experience she acquired from the streets comes in hand and compliments her unique singing style which is now her trademark. Her song compositions feature the depth and edge possessed by real storytellers.

6. R.U.T.A

R.U.T.A derive their popularity from their peasant protest songs. The group comprises of eight musicians who’s coming together was initiated by Maciej Szajkowski. Maciej is a Warsaw Village Band member. The songs are based on traditional music as well as Eastern Europe’s stories concerning feudal oppression. The band’s songs feature early instruments such as plockfidel as well as the suka.

The band’s music shares a resemblance to Blues by bearing slavery and toilsome work themes. These are some of the best folk bands in Europe. None of them disappoints when it comes to content and live performances of European folk songs.