Famous Grass Root Musicians

Lets take a look at the profile of some of the best grass root musicians of our time.

Joel Larson

Joel Larson is a veteran rock drummer and percussionist who hail from California. Born on April 29, 1947, at San Francisco, Joel grew up at the Lincoln Park. At the age of 12, Joel took up drumming and moved close to Avalon Park; he lived there until he was 17 and used the five-year period to master the art of drumming. His mission was to join the Grassroot band and become the greatest drummer of all time. Joel started off his drumming career with the band called The Bedouins and helped to conquer in a battle of bands in San Mateo.

The band grew very popular, and in late 1965, the group was asked to come for an audition at the San Francisco Whisky a Go Go. They marveled with an outstanding performance at a nightclub owned by Elmer Valentine and Lou Adler; the later was the head of the new label Dunhill Records in Los Angeles. Joel and his crew were later selected to become the grassroots, and Joel rose from here to build himself a scintillating music career.

Mark Dawson

Mark Dawson

Mark Dawson is the lead bass player and vocalist the famous pop and rock group The Grass Roots. His led a solo career on his own rising to become one of the top-rated vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and recording artist in America. With so many hit tracks to his name, the mark is one of the most successful grass root musicians.

Reggie Knighton

Reggie is a favorite songwriter, singer and leads guitarists. He is born in Biloxi, Mississippi but had to relocate to Los Angeles, California at a tender age. He kicked off his professional music career as a lead guitarist for the Grass Roots in 1974. After helping Dennis Provisor arrange an audition which formed the group in 1969, Reggie went on to record their hit single “Mamacita” which was charted on their self-titled album at that time. He played with Dennis Provisor ( vocals and keyboards), Joel Larson (drums) and Rob Grill ( lead vocals and bass).

Reggie then went on to partner with John Sebastian on his solo “welcome back” album which grew very popular in 1976. He went on a US tour and worked extensively with Sebastian throughout the trip. He later joined a band called white horse in 1977.

Warren Enter

Warren Enter

Warren, an American singer, songwriter and multi-talented instrumentalist was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1944. Warren joined the band Grass Root and later ended his career as a manager for several successful rock bands. During his time with the Grass Roots, Warren was one of the lead vocalists on some of the band’s biggest hits like the remarkable “1-2-3-4” count into the chorus and the exciting chorus of “Let’s Live for Today, the Middle 8 songs of the midnight confessions.

Warren was with the band throughout their various successful albums, and top then hit. He played with them in the Fantasy Fair and Magic Mountain Music Festival in 1967. He was also part of the various successful music festivals and pop concerts in the following year. He later left the band to lead a successful managerial career before his retirement.