All About Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons are a very famous and popular British band formed in 2007. The members are Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall and Ted Dwayne. They became very popular in the UK and overseas thanks to their unique music style and the mixture of elements from different music styles. They released three albums: Sigh No More in 2009, Babel in 2012 and Wilder Mind in 2015. Their first album reached number two in UK music chart and from that point on, their popularity never stopped increasing. The two other albums peaked number one in the UK and the US and Babel was the fastest-selling rock album in the century. They also released two live albums called Live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire in 2011 and The Road to Red Rocks in 2012.

The band received numerous prizes and nomination for the performance. Sigh No More received six Grammy nominations and the Best British Album award in 2011. Babel brought them eight Grammy Award nomination and the Grammy award for Album of the Year.

The band had an amazing success overseas especially after the live performance with Bob Dylan. The show granted them amazing popularity and the whole folk and rock scene turned their eyes to London. The early years of the band were marked by live performances in London pubs and they were considered one of the most innovative and creative bands. They have a very strong literature influence in their songs and William Shakespeare is one of the main source of inspiration. This is one of the elements that make the lyrics of this band very beautiful. They combine a multitude of music instruments that range from electric guitars to banjos. This given them a unique music depth and diversity.

The band founded Gentlemen of the Road in 2009. This is record and promotion label that organizes music events in towns and villages that are not normally toured by any band. This helps people from these places enjoy quality music and they also help them build publicity for tourism. Another great thing about this initiative is that they choose beginner bands to launch themselves. They invited them to play in the opening in order to make them publicity and to help them become popular. One of the bands that entered the music scene in this was is Foo Fighters.

They enjoy any cultural activity. Marcus Mumford even has his own book club where he goes regularly in order to discuss literature. He stated that this helps him find inspiration for the next songs. The band has a very interesting way of brainstorming. When they want to make a new song, they give each other a period of time to write 10 songs, no matter the theme or genre. After the time is up, they meet and discuss their ideas. Many of their songs were created this way. They say that this method helps them find inspiration and the main advantage is that involves the whole band in the creative process.